Study Sociology at Brescia

"The sociology program at Brescia opened up doors I didn’t know existed and has enabled me to view the world in a different way."

Erika Clark, Bachelor of Arts 2014 candidate, Honors Specialization in Sociology

    Get a degree in Sociology in Canada

This program is for students who want to tackle big ideas and be challenged. You will be taught in small classes by professors who teach and are active researchers on fresh and diverse issues in the news. Topics can range from how we choose our partners to the social causes and consequences of crime – to the relationships between Canada’s wealthiest and poorest citizens to the situations and challenges unique to those new to Canada.

    Flexible study options at Brescia

Within Sociology, you will find a variety of options to choose from and take courses in, including in Criminology, Sociology of Education, Research Methods, and many others. You will also be able to combine your major with another discipline, such as political science – enabling you to tailor your degree to your own interests.

Sociology at Brescia has a Divisional partner, Family Studies, and a community service-learning program called Community Development. This enables students to undertake placements in the community and act on the social justice and pro-women themes they study in the classroom.

    Enhance your career options

With a degree from Brescia, you will have better chances of finding employment and starting a future career. The skills you gain on a Sociology degree are highly valued by employers – including the critical thinking and analytical skills. You will have an understanding of broader social issues such as racism, poverty, media, crime, etc. which will be useful to a whole range of professions.

When you graduate, you will be equipped to work in a variety of sectors, including in counseling and education, journalism or public relations, and youth services or senior services.