Study Psychology at Brescia University College

"What I enjoyed most about Brescia was the tight-knit community. It’s really inspiring to know that your professors are genuinely interested in seeing you succeed!"

Jennifer Milne BA Honors Specialization in Psychology, Minor in Political Science, 2009

    Get a degree in Psychology in Canada

The Psychology programs at Brescia help students gain an understanding in human thought, emotion and behavior. Through small classes that allow interaction with classmates and faculty, you will prepare for graduate school or to pursue a career.

    Flexible study options at Brescia

When you study Psychology at Brescia, there is a wide range of courses you can choose to study, including Fundamentals of Forensic Psychology, Introduction to Educational Psychology, Drugs and Behaviour, The Exceptional Child, Neuroscience of Motivation and Emotion, among many others.

You can choose to do a minor, major, Specialization or Honors Specialization in Psychology – or take a double major with another discipline such as Sociology.

    Open your career options with a degree

Psychology is both an applied and academic field, which leads to careers in many areas, including in education, business, mental health treatment, sport performance enhancement, the legal system, and many others.

If you are interested in becoming a lawyer, teacher, doctor, occupational therapist, or work in business, the Major in Psychology may be the right choice for you. If you want to pursue your study of Psychology at graduate level, the Honors Specialization will be more adequate.