Study the Preliminary Year program

"The Preliminary Year program helped me to transition successfully to university life. It opened up every door imaginable for me."

Megan Mickle, Bachelor of Arts candidate 2016, Honors, Specialization Sociology

    Prepare for university with this program

This program helps students who are ready for university but don’t have the necessary academic background to get into their first year. This is a co-educational, one-year course that teaches students how to write essays, take lecture notes and write exams – and is the perfect preparation to get into academic university studies. On the course, you will be taught by university professors and learn about time management and study skills on the Brescia campus, experimenting university life before you enroll in your first year.

    Unique program at Brescia University College

Unlike our other courses, we admit both male and female students on this program as it is the only campus offering such a course. Led by compassionate, dedicated faculty members, the course is about more than just basic academic skills.

In small classrooms of fewer than 30 students, you will get personalized attention and support; and be coached to become an active, independent learner prepared for the demands of university life. You will study among many other international students and make friends in the community.

    Success and opportunities in one year

On the Preliminary year program, you will be surrounded by other men and women from all over the world, who have the same goal as you: pursuing education at university. This is a stimulating environment to learn in and will fully prepare you for the university excellence.

Professors will support you and advisors will help you sort through your university options to decide what course is best suited for you after you finish.