Study Political Science at Brescia

"I enjoy political science because we are able to use critical thinking and be exposed to the real issues that have formed our past and influence our future in all respects."

Victoria Vandorp, Bachelor of Arts, Major in Political Science

    Get a degree in Political Science

The Political Science program at Brescia looks at how governments around the world settle major societal disagreements and conflicts. These range from disputes over healthcare systems, the running of the global economy and the right of countries to exist – to other major wars and conflicts.

On this program you will learn about these conflicts and how to prescribe bold solutions, and gain a better understanding of the political process including prime ministers, courts, interest groups, elections… And every one who is involved in making decisions.

    Flexible Study options at Brescia

At Brescia, we offer flexible study options so you can choose to combine your political science degree with business, leadership, philosophy, psychology, or sociology for instance.

On this program, you can choose to minor or major in Political Science, or minor in Public Administration. You will have the opportunity to apply to the Ontario Government parliamentary Internship Program to gain some real-world experience after you graduate.

    Unique career prospects

Many career opportunities will open after you finish your degree at Brescia, including working as a journalist, a lobbyist, business leader, or in the nonprofit sector.

You may also choose to pursue your education at graduate level, in which case a degree from Brescia will make you stand out from your peers from other universities. Most important, Political Science at Brescia urges you to choose to lead. The conflicts and challenges that we find in society demand people who are able to exercise leadership.