Study Philosophy at Brescia University College

    Get an Undergraduate Degree in Philosophy in Canada

This program will teach you to think critically and to consider the ethical implications of your decisions. You will gain basic cultural literacy, enhance your communication skills and reflect on issues ranging from happiness to justice.

A Philosophy degree will equip you with the tools to live an examined life, and give you the opportunity to explore fundamental questions with your professors and peers. You will also gain leadership skills and prepare for further studies or a career.

    Flexible Study options after graduating

The Philosophy courses are Brescia embody our mission: producing liberally educated women who can lead, influence and make a difference in the world. You may choose to major or minor in Philosophy, or Minor in Religious Studies and Philosophy.

Our flexible study options at Brescia enable you to focus and specialize on the areas you are truly interested in, and build a degree that will take your personal development and your career further.

    Enhance your career prospects at Brescia

A Philosophy degree is a great asset for graduates seeking to start a career in areas such as business, teaching, law, but also journalism, publishing and government. Philosophy studies truly equip you with the abstract reasoning skills you will need to succeed and solve problems. You may also pursue careers in teaching at university and high school level, or work as a consultant with hospitals.