Study Management and Organizational Studies

    Gain a Management degree from Brescia in Canada

The Management and Organizational Studies program at Brescia prepares students to a variety of careers by equipping them with employers-sought skills, business skills and general knowledge.

This program includes courses in finance, marketing, operations, strategy, accounting and organizational behaviour and prepares students through a field project course alongside their studies. Through Brescia’s business club, you will gain a sense of community and attend workshops and speaking events.

    Flexible study options at Brescia

On the Management and Organizational Studies program, you can specialize in Consumer Behaviour, Food Management, and Accounting. You will prepare for a variety of careers and benefit from small class sizes and supportive faculty. The program is taught through a variety of methods, including field studies, simulations, case studies, exercises, live problems and lectures.

You will have access to an internship program where you can gain practical experience in industry through a 12-16 month work placement and enhance your employment skills.

    Start a successful career in the area of your choice

There are three options available for you to major in:

  • Food Management: you will learn to tackle the threats to our nation’s health, and train to become a manager through all the business courses; as well as an employee of the food industry understanding marketing and nutrition to develop healthful products. This pathway prepares you for careers in retail food marketing, product development, manufacturing and logistics, food service, health care and private practice health and well-being.
  • Accounting: you will gain the knowledge of business processes and functions and sound judgement to capture financial information; this program could lead you to a career in the non-profit sector, fashion, agriculture, book publishing or to start your own business.
  • Consumer behaviour: this course teaches students about what, when, where and why consumers buy. Through modules such as Integrated Marketing Communications and Brand Management, you will prepare for careers in brand management, market research, account management, client relations management and business development.