Study History at Brescia University College

"One of the most important benefits is that you learn how to be a critical thinker, aware of the potential bias that exists within any argument."

Chelsea Barranger, Bachelor of Arts, Honors Specialization in History

    Study History at Brescia in Canada

Equipping women with the skills to lead in the workplace is what we do best at Brescia, and as part of our liberal arts education, our History program looks at how things have changed over time. We explore the changing nature of societies and analyse the perspectives and activities of groups and individuals across time and place.

Studying History offers a great insight into how people have responded to conflict and change – and helps students understand their own contemporary world as it unfolds.

    Quality degree to succeed in your future

On the History program, we offer a student-centred approach to analysing complex issues. We encourage critical thinking and explore a variety of viewpoints and opinions; to really challenge you and make sure you understand all sides of the arguments. At Brescia, you will learn in small classes and have the opportunity to debate and discuss issues with staff and fellow students.

In class, you will engage through interactive lectures, tutorial discussions, small-group work, technical workshops and oral presentations.

    Flexible study options to succeed

There are many options when you study History at Brescia – and a variety of introductory courses to choose from, including Food in World History, Totalitarianism, Tackling Nature, European History and Canadian History. In your second year, you will register in a particular module to specialize in the area of your choice.

This is the perfect program to prepare you to postgraduate study in any field. Many students choose to pair this module with a Major in another discipline, like English, Political Science, Family Studies or Psychology – which is a great way to broaden your knowledge base. History provides an excellent foundation for careers in education, information management, human resources, business and finance, law, politics, government, and many others.