Study French at Brescia University College

"At Brescia I was able to immerse myself in French literature and learn more about French culture. I was able to earn a credit in Theatre in Trois-Pistoles Quebec. My classes were small which gave me many opportunities to ask questions."

Claire Ross, Bachelor of Arts, French and Family Studies, 2009

    Excellent French degree at Brescia

This program is intensive and meets the challenges of your future profession – whether you want to start a career in business, teaching, marketing, law or government, to name only a few.

Offering a student-centered experience in small classrooms, the French programs will help you develop your language skills and your confidence. For students interested in teaching, our French Volunteer Teacher Program is the perfect way to gain experience.

    Quality education and flexible study options

At Brescia, we truly care about your learning experience and make sure you get the best study environment possible. We use instructional technologies, individual and group work, interactive exercises and presentations, and always make sure you are at the core of your own learning and receive all the support you need. After four years, you will have a strong foundation in both oral and written French.

There are a variety of honors and majors you can choose from, including Linguistics and Literature, Language and Literature, or Language and Linguistics. You may major in French Studies or French for Teaching, and minor in French Studies or French for Food and Nutritional Sciences.

    Unique career prospects

During four years, you will gain an excellent understanding of how the French language works; improve your spoken and written French; learn the language as it is spoken in everyday life; recognize common mistakes and become fluent in the language.

With a degree in French from Brescia, you will be able to embark on a variety of careers, including working as an immigration officer, translator, publicist, foreign correspondent, and intelligence analyst.