Study English at Brescia University College

    Get a degree in English from Brescia

In the English Department, you can study British, American and Canadian literature and writing. Your studies will range from the medieval to the contemporary period, and professors whose work is renowned nationally and internationally will teach you. We specialize in British poetry and English students have the opportunity to complement their studies with an exchange in England.

    Flexible study options in English

There are a few degree options you can choose from: a four-year Honors Specialization in English Language and Literature, a non-Honors Specialization, a Major, a Minor and a special Minor for Teachers.

You can easily switch from one module to another if you aren’t sure which one suit you best.

    Excellent career opportunities after Brescia

There are many career options open to you once you graduate; including starting a career as a librarian, creative writer, in the media, as editorial assistant, teacher, business manager, publisher – and many others.

During your studies, you are encouraged to publish and help run the student bi-monthly journal of creative writing, where you can showcase your talent and get experience publishing your work.