Study Dimensions of Leadership at Brescia

    Culture of leadership at Brescia University College

Here at Brescia, Leadership is cross-disciplinary study that looks at Business, Psychology, Sociology and other academic areas to provide a rich examination of leadership. We are proud to foster a culture of education for women to empower them and inspire them to assume leadership roles in a wide variety of fields.

We support the development of authentic leaders who choose to practice a sustainable, collective and socially responsible form of leadership.

    Study for a Major in Dimensions of Leadership

This program consists of the study of an introductory course in leadership along with the equivalent of six full-year senior level courses from the following three groupings of courses. There is some flexibility as to which full-year course you decide to study and it may be replaced with a course not listed.

  • Core courses: These cover the dimensions of leadership, including conceptions and theories, philosophical foundations, skills and development, women in leadership, and profiles in effective leadership. Another course allows students to study leadership in practice by integrating an organization in the community. There are six courses for students to complete, which form the equivalent of three full-year courses.
  • Leadership skills and development: These courses look at ethics, communication skills, business and political leadership, leadership in organizations, and persuasion and leadership. Students take the equivalent of two full-year courses from this group.
  • Effective leadership: These courses look at effective leadership in literature, community leadership, the American presidency, women in politics, history and the Bible. Students take the equivalent of one full-year course.

    Lead beyond the classroom with a Bachelors from Brecia

At Brescia, we offer plenty of opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular programs and activities through our leadership outreach. You may choose to join the public speaking contest and defend who you think are the women who empower us, or attend one of the events and initiatives organised by the Institute for Women in Leadership.